Wholesale Nail Salon Stools

by James Adcock

If you want to run a successful nail salon, you need the right tools and equipment. Many salon owners fail to realize just how important the nail salon furniture is and how much of an impact they can have on the overall manicure and pedicure experience. At Pedi Source, we have a large collection of pedicure chairs, stools, tools, and baths and we often sell them at discounted prices. The best way to save money in your nail salon furniture is to purchase them at wholesale prices. Here are some tips that will help you buy the best possible salon stools for your establishment.

wholesale nail salon stools

Be Aware of Quality

Many online and offline retailers sell low-quality salon stools manufactured outside the US. These products aren’t manufactured under the same quality standards as products produced in US are, which is why they’re more affordable. If you want durable nail salon stools and other such furniture, purchase products manufactured by a well-known brand. We usually mention where the stools are manufactured in our website so you can make an informed purchase.

Some brands and manufacturers provide higher quality products so you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase stools and chairs produced by companies like Lenox, Earthlite, AYC, Comfort Soul, etc. You can always trust their products to be durable and reliable. These companies also provide excellent warranties and customer service so if there’s a problem with your nail salon stools, you can always contact them and receive immediate assistance.


Most nail salon stools will cost around couple of hundred dollars. You can save some money if you purchase wholesale stools in bulk. You will also save money on overall shipping costs if you purchase four to five stools at once instead of buying a couple of them at two different times.

Sometimes, pedicure and nail salon stools are included with a pedicure chair so before you purchase stools separately, check the chairs you’ve already purchased to see if they come with stools. The last thing you want to do is purchase extra stools that will only take up space in your salon.


Nail salon stools are small and can only bear a limited amount of weight. If you purchase good quality stools, you won’t have to worry about their weight-bearing capacity. They would be able to hold 300 to 400lbs without sustaining much damage. Poor quality stools might bend and break under slightly increased weight. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the quality and resilience of nail salon stools because you don’t want your technicians and clients to be hurt.


Manicure and pedicure stools will come with a year’s warranty but as long as you use them properly, you don’t have to worry about any breaks and problems. It’s good idea to train your technicians to be more mindful of their environment and make sure they use all equipment and furniture carefully. This will reduce the amount of wear and tear on your salon furniture and increase their overall durability.


Nail salon stools should be designed with the nail salon environment in mind. Most modern manufacturers will use acetone-resistant and durable materials in their furniture to ensure that they can survive the salon atmosphere and chemicals. Make sure that the stools are made from strong and resistant materials like steel and other such metals. Some manufacturers even provide chrome coating to protect the stool from chemicals commonly found in spas.

Adjustable and Compact

It’s important to choose furniture that won’t take up too much space in your salon and can be tucked into the corner. This will ensure your salon looks clean and put-together at all times. You also need to make sure the stools are height-adjustable so that your technicians and clients have a better time using them. Some salon furniture can be bulky and take up too much space, which can quickly become troublesome.

If you have any questions about nail salon furniture or want to know more about pedicure products, you’re free to contact us at Pedi Source. Just give us a call at 1855 429 PEDI. You can also email one of these two email address with your questions and contact details: [email protected] and [email protected].


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