Wholesale Best Pedicure Chairs Under $3,000

by James Adcock

Chi Spa Pedicure Chair

Chi Spa pedicure chair is manufactured by Gulstream and is one of our most popular products. It’s highly-customizable so you can choose different colors, vented exhaust, base color, backflow preventers, discharge pump, and embroidery options. You can purchase a chair that fits in superbly with your overall spa décor.


The chair comes with the latest massage technology, leather upholstery, rotating armrest, power slide and recline. All these features ensure your clients will enjoy a full pedicure experience and your technicians will have easy access to tools.

With the discount, this chair is only $2,195 and without discount it is $2,700; either ways, it’ll still fit into your $3,000 budget. This chair has received rave reviews and would be a great fit for your spa.

Cleo AX Pedicure Chair

The Cleo AX chair is manufactured by J&A, which is one of the best-known brands in this industry. All chairs manufactured by J&A are well-designed and manufactured so you can purchase them without hesitation. This chair is also highly-customizable so you can choose different chair colors and base colors.

You can choose different vented exhaust, jet, discharge pump, and trim options as well. These chairs are wider, have foldable manicure trays, and hand-rests with a cherry wood finish. They’re durable and sturdy so they’ll easily handle all your day-to-day pedicure needs.

The Cleo AX pedicure chairs would only set you back by $2,295 and for that, you get excellent J&A quality. This chair will last you for several years and offer great return on investment; you purchase two or more of them from the store, we’ll offer you free delivery.

Petra 900 Pedicure Chair

The Petra 900 chair is also a J&A product so you can expect good quality and efficiency. Most J&A chairs can easily last for more than a decade of regular use. The Petra is also feature packed and offers maximum comfort to the clients and easy access to the technicians. It’s relatively affordable but looks very luxurious, which is why it’s such a popular product in the market today. Like the chairs mentioned above, Petra also offers a number of customizations, including exhaust options, color, base color, jet, discharge pump, trims, etc. It can perform an adjustable full shiatsu massage, has a removable head set, electronic recline and slide, and other such convenient features.

You get all of these features at only $2,595 so it’s quite affordable and will help your business grow. We also offer finance options so if you don’t want to spend that much money upfront, you can easily apply for financial assistance.

La Tulip 2 Pedicure Chair

The La Tulip 2 pedicure chair is manufactured by Gulfstream. This is also a well-known manufacture with good quality products. The chair is very customizable and is packed full of features that would help enhance the overall pedicure experience.

You can choose different colors, vented exhaust options, bowl colors, base colors, backflow preventers, discharge pumps, and embroideries. The chair comes with sophisticated massage technology, power slide and recline, rotating armrest, and high-end leather upholstery.

You can purchase this for $2,750 and the quality of the chair ensures you won’t regret your decision to buy. These chairs will help boost your revenue and increase foot traffic to your spa.

If you have any questions about pedicure chairs for sale, you’re free to contact us at Pedi Source. Just give us a call at 1855 429 PEDI. You can also email one of these two email address with your questions and contact details: [email protected] and [email protected].


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