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Tips To Avoid an Ingrown Toenail

by James Adcock

That’s not hard because all you need to do is follow a proper foot care routine. If you take care of your feet and keep them clean, you’ll be able to keep problems like ingrown nails and infections at bay. Here are some suggestions that would help you avoid them.

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1 – Trim the Nails

If you want to avoid ingrown nails, you need to keep them at a reasonable length and make sure that they don’t grow too long. You should use a sharp pair of nail clippers to cut the nails so that they cover the nail bed completely but don’t jut out beyond your toe. Use toe nail clippers instead of normal finger clippers because the latter tend to be too small. They’ll leave sharp edges in the middle of the nail and that can be a problem.

You should also cut toe nails in a straight line. Don’t follow the natural curvature of the nail because you’ll cut it too deep at the corners and expose your nail bed to infections and ingrown nails. You should also try to cut them once every two or three weeks. This would keep them at a reasonable length and give them no opportunity to become ingrown.

2 – Shoes

One of the most common causes of ingrown nails is ill-fitting shoes. You need to make sure that your toes have enough room and there’s no pressure on them. Too much pressure on a daily basis can force the toe nail to become ingrown. You should always check your shoes to see if there’s enough room for the toes to stretch and move a little.

A sure fire way to avoid ingrown nails is to wear open-toe shoes as much as possible. This would relieve the pressure a little bit. It’s a good idea to alternate between open-toe and full shoes.

3 – Pedicures

Professional pedicures will keep your nails trimmed, remove all dead skin, dirt, and bacteria, and keep your feet moisturized. These steps can help you keep the problem of ingrown toenails at bay. However, if you already have them, you should avoid pedicures. They tend to aggravate the condition and can cause serious infections.

Be sure that your ingrown toenail problem is completely cured before you get your next pedicure. If you still feel a hint of nail when you press the nail, wait a few more days or weeks before you book an appointment.

4 – If It Happened Once, It’ll Happen Again

If you’ve experienced ingrown toenails in the past, you’re more likely to get them in the future. That’s why you should strictly adhere to a foot care routine and make sure that you take all precautions necessary to avoid the problem.

5 – Clean Your Feet
Our feet are perhaps the most neglected part of our body. You need to keep them clean if you want to avoid infection and no, rinsing them with left over water from your shower or bath isn’t enough. Here are a few steps you should follow daily to avoid the problem of fungal infections and ingrown nails.

  • Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes and scrub them gently. Be sure to clean between your toes and around your nails. You can use natural ingredients like Epsom salt to create a good foot bath.
  • Carefully inspect your nails and press them to see if you feel any pain. If you catch an ingrown nail early, you’ll be able to avoid a number of problems.

If you have a heavily infected nail, you need to visit the doctor immediately and take steps to clear the infection.

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