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We have all the hair salon equipment that you need at a desirable price. Take your time and browse our wide selection of items to make sure you have everything you need for your hair salon. 

$599.00 $415.00

The Meteor Styling Chair is our most popular salon chair with its classic, eye-catching look with unmatched comfort, aluminum armrest, and five different color options available.

$599.00 $475.00

The Yume Styling Chair features a tufted backrest and seat panels for added look and design with thick cushioning built to last for years.

$795.00 $595.00

The Empress Styling Chair is inspired by the trademarked and iconic Eames Lounge Chair which conveys the look of a well used baseball glove in one of the most widely recognized designs worldwide. It is so popular that the chair is still in production by the original manufacturers since 1956, featured in the Museum of Modern Art and famous television shows over the years.

$639.00 $539.00

The Lion II Styling Chair features an impressive look with crystal accent tufted backrest and silver studs along the contours of the chair.

$599.00 $489.00

The Regent Styling Chair is gorgeously designed with a full chrome metal frame for extra durability and features tufted seat and backrest for an overall glamorous look.