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Pedisource is the only place to find the All New Florence Pedicure Chair from Gulfstream featuring the revolutionary Waterdance System. This system replaces pipeless jet motors featuring heat and ozonator technology and is 100% sanitary. It is simple and easy to use, and most of all, no more cleaning! Just Peel, Stick, Connect, Use, then Dispose the AirPad. It also offers seven different base wood laminate color options to choose from or even custom wood laminate upgrades too. Call for details and availability!

$5,995.00 $5,295.00

The La Maravilla Pedicure Chair is where elegance and class meets expectation. It offers two luxury shiatsu massage chair top options with 7 laminate color options, 4 matching edge options, upgraded embroidery, upgraded footrest options in gold or standard chrome, and more! Free shipping for all orders of four or more!!

$6,395.00 $5,990.00

Featuring the Verona Single Pedicure Bench with all new 9621 chair or 9660 sofa cushion styled chair top with black gloss or white gloss base laminate and bird's nest style crystal bowl.


The Paris Single Pedicure Bench by Gulfstream allows you to customize your wood laminates, glass bowl color, upholstery, air ventilation, and more!

$8,195.00 $7,195.00

Featuring the Vienna Single Pedicure Bench with multilevel massage function within its gorgeous upholstery, easy to clean high gloss white or black laminate, convenient storage, along with an easy to access USB port. Make your salon or spa unique by customizing each aspect of this chic new bench.

$15,340.00 $11,340.00

Featuring the luxurious Verona Double Pedicure Bench with all new 9621 massage chair or 9660 sofa cushion styled chair top with black gloss or white gloss base and bird's nest style crystal bowl with standard LED.

$15,454.00 $13,745.00

The Paris Double Pedicure Bench offers 9 different glass bowl colors, vibration massage for both back and seat, matching stool, usb electrical outlet, and gorgeous upholstery and laminate colors to choose from. Call a rep today!

$16,910.00 $13,910.00

The redesigned Vienna Double Pedicure Bench comes in white or black gloss laminate, 8 different upholstery colors to choose from, and many more options available.

$20,330.00 $17,330.00

The Verona Triple Pedicure Bench by Gulfstream features optional Waterdance and ID Jet Combination Systems, two different massage chair tops to choose from, and an automatically included discharge pump.

$25,865.00 $20,865.00

The Paris Triple Pedicure Bench by Gulfstream is also available in Quad for a completely customized look for your spa with many options available in glass bowl colors, wood laminate, upholstery colors, and more!

$25,130.00 $21,130.00

The Vienna Triple Pedicure Bench offers black or white gloss laminate, 9 bowl colors, 8 upholstery colors, and optional discharge pump, Gulfstream air ventilation, upgraded faucets, and more!