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French Manicure Wedding Nail Art Designs

by James Adcock

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional design and it looks very classy and elegant on the nails. You can just apply a layer of white nail polish at the top and a pale skin-colored varnish at the bottom. You should make sure that the white varnish begins where the natural nail bed ends. You also need to ensure the line that divides the white and flesh-toned section is neat and clean.


1. The Traditional Design

2. Glitter French Manicure

If you want to add a special, sparkly touch to your French manicure, you can do the traditional French manicure and silver glitter polish on top of the white sections of the nails. You can add some peel-off tape on the base of the nail to protect the flesh-colored part of the art from glitter particles. The glitter nails would add just the right amount of pop and that would brighten every outfit, not matter how plain.

3. Single Nail Glitter

If you want glitter on your nails but are too busy with wedding preparations to apply an intricate design, you can apply a traditional manicure and add silver or gold glitter to just one nail on each hand. We recommend you paint the ring fingers on both hands with a pale glitter varnish. This would draw attention to your left ring finger and match your engagement and wedding rings.

4. Metallic Gold Tips

A great way to add a touch of luxury to your nails is to place a metallic gold varnish instead of the white varnish at the tip of the nails. The gold would contrast beautifully with the peach-toned base color and add a level of elegance to your nails. This is an excellent design for your wedding day and would match your wedding gown beautifully.

5. Ombre Designs

The harsh line between the flesh-toned base and the white tips can be a little jarring and distinctive. If you want something more subtle, you can try the ombre design. For this design, you need to apply the traditional French manicure and let it dry. After the surface is ready, use a single thin layer of the white varnish and apply it carefully all over the nail. Make sure the topmost layer isn’t completely opaque because that would only lead to pure white nails and not the gentle ombre effect.

6. Base Glitter

If you’re very fond of glitter or holographic nails and want to add substantial amounts of it, you can apply it to the base rather than the tips of the manicure. You’ll need scattered glitter to ensure the color of the base coat peaks through. If the glitter is too densely packed it, your nails won’t look like a French manicure.

7. Polka Dots

Not everybody likes the white tips of a traditional French manicure. If you prefer something darker and more vivid, you can add black tips with white polka dots to you’re the nails. This design is striking and playful. It will add a sense of whimsy to your wedding dress and bring a smile to your face. This design requires a little bit of effort and some steady hands, but the end result is worth it.

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