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Different Aspects of Spa Design

by James Adcock

Apart from all these things, there is one factor that plays an important role in keeping your customers walking in on a regular basis- Spa Design!!

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Some spa and salon owners feel that as long as they offer all the services that a spa should provide, they won’t have a problem getting more footfalls. But that is a fallacy. Current day clients can be extremely demanding and they want to ensure that they get value for every penny they spend. With this in view, if you want to increase your revenue, you also need to ensure that your salon looks good, functions well and is comfortable and welcoming.

Things to consider

Take a look at the different aspects of spa design:

  • Location- The kind of customers you get will be dependent on the location of your spa. When you are choosing a location for your spa you should try to look for a place that is easily accessible and that the entrance and sign to your spa is prominently seen
  • Therapy requirements- The internal layout of your spa will be dependent on the movement flow of the therapists. The treatment room, changing room, shower room and steam room, pedicure chair placement and the placement of all the other equipment should be planned in such a way that movement through these spaces is comfortable.

The flooring should be low maintenance and your staff should be able to keep it clean without too much of hassle. It’s important that you actually visualize all the treatments as well as their flow and then keep the comfort factor in view while you are designing these spaces.

  • Furniture- Choose this with care and ensure it’s proportionate to the available space. You will first have to ensure that there is sufficient space for the pedicure chairs and the other equipment; once that is planned well, the rest of the space and furniture design and placement can be planned around these essentials of a spa.
  • Ambience- It’s also vital that you maintain a consistent theme across the salon. So if you provide oriental therapies, having a chrome and glass setting will only clash with the overall ambience of the spa. This is something you will have to keep in view at all times
  • Safety- This factor is of utmost importance; you need to ensure that all the equipment is safe for use and that all the electrical connections are installed well. You should also ensure that the shelves and any show pieces aren’t placed anywhere near a pedicure chair or massage table.

This increases the chances of the therapist or client accidently banging their head into it. The corners of all shelves should be rounded and the flooring materials should be chosen with care; it’s best to opt for anti-skid flooring

  • De-clutter- No client will feel encouraged to visit a spa that has a cluttered look or sit in a pedicure chair that seems unclean. Ensure that all the spaces are clean and tidy and that the creams, oils and other treatment paraphernalia isn’t lying around in a haphazard manner on tables, shelves etc
  • Privacy- It’s not uncommon to see spas that have no consideration for the privacy of their clients. Many spas tend to place too many pedicure chairs all in one spot, with no partitions. It’s true that a pedicure doesn’t require that a client change out of their clothing. However, it’s important to keep in mind, that your clients come to a spa to unwind and relax and its best to have some kind of collapsible partitions positioned at the right places

The ambience of your spa should be comfortable and not too overdone. You can have the simplest furniture and interior design and décor features and still create a stunning spa that will compel your clients to relax.

If you have any questions about nail salon furniture or want to know more about pedicure products, you’re free to contact us at Pedi Source. Just give us a call at 1855 429 PEDI. You can also email one of these two email address with your questions and contact details: [email protected] and [email protected].


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