Top Tips on Recruiting Salon Employees

by James Adcock

People usually come to a spa to relax and let go of their stress. To facilitate that, your spa needs competent as well as compassionate employees. At Pedi Source, we believe that the following tips would help you choose right spa employees.

spa chair

Full Staff
To run a truly successful business, you need to have a full staff. Most people would prefer not to go to different salons and spas for different treatments. If you provide the complete package of services, from hair styling to massages, you’ll get more clients. Here’s a list of professionals that you might need for your establishment:

  • Salon manager – This person will handle the overall management, including paperwork, employee salaries and scheduling, recordkeeping, taxes, purchase and inventory, etc. Some business owners tend to skip this but that’s not a good idea as managers will help keep things organized and running smoothly.
  • Cosmetologist and Hairstylist – The most essential employee of any salon, who will handle everything from hair-cutting and coloring to facial treatments.
  • Shop Assistant – This is someone who assists other stylists and will carry out tasks like shampooing the hair, cleaning up clippings and other such debris.
  • Manicurist – This professional will provide manicure, pedicure, tipping, nail polishing, and similar services.

Other staff includes a receptionist, an aesthetician, a massage therapist or a masseuse. All of these employees are essential if you want to run a proper salon or spa.

Qualifications and Experience
Some of your employees might need qualification in cosmetology to work. There are different certification requirements in different regions. Nevertheless, they might need a cosmetology license to work on the clients. Massage therapists should have certification and training as well. However, experience reigns supreme here. The more experienced your employees are, the better they’ll be able serve clients.

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