Is it The Right Time to Purchase a Pedicure Chair

by James Adcock

Your Business
Your first priority is to understand whether your business would benefit from having pedicure chairs. Are you a beauty salon but want to offer full range of spa benefits? Have your clients’ been asking about pedicure treatments? If that’s the case, your business would benefit from pedicure chairs. You can assess this by conducting a survey. Ask your clients whether they would like you to add pedicure to your list of services. If they do, you know that pedicure is a viable option for you and you should use it in your business. However, if most of your clients don’t respond positively, you don’t need to install the chairs at all.

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Take a Look at your Finances
According to your budget, you can buy used or new pedicure chairs. We would always suggest new ones because used chairs don’t offer as much value for money. They wouldn’t last for very long while new chairs usually come with a ten year warranty and the latest technology. For example, modern chairs offer shiatsu massages instead of just vibration massages.

It’s a good idea to stretch you budget a little bit instead of buying a low quality product for your spa. After all, the spa business runs on reputation. If your chairs are old and look unkempt, your customers would be reluctant to come in for pedicures. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert about how you can buy chairs that would fit into your budget and still look great in your salon.

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you have space in your establishment for your new pedicure chairs. Spas can get very busy at times, with several clients and technicians moving about. Because of this, you need to have space for everyone to move freely from one place to other. Without smooth flow of movement in your salon, the possibility of accidents rises.

Before you start looking into pedicure chairs, you might want to evaluate the space you have. If you’re really intent on buying new chairs, you might want to consider whether you need to redesign your establishment to fit them in. That would add to your expense, but it would also draw new clients.

Do your Research
Once you’ve decided that you need spa chairs, it’s time to do some research. There are several companies that manufacture them, and choosing the right one amongst them can be a little difficult. There are some companies that don’t just offer good quality products, but also great customer service. Customer service is important as pedicure chairs are connected to your income. If they stop working, you lose revenue. You need great customer service to fix the problem quickly. These companies can help.

  • Lenox
  • Living Earth Crafts
  • Universal Companies
  • Touch America
  • J&A
  • Earth Lite
  • Oakworks

They offer several kinds of pedicure chairs that can fit different budgets. You should research the kind of chairs you want. You can read the reviews, browse the website, and even askyour fellow spa owners for their opinions. That would ensure that you make the right decision. It’s also a good idea to consider the warranty provided by these companies.

You can also see how these chairs perform by visiting booking a pedicure appointment at a spa that has one. All of this would help you decide whether buying one is a good decision for you.

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