How to Choose the Right Pedicure Chair

by James Adcock

Conduct Research
Manufacturers of spa pedicure chairs are virtually unknown to people outside the industry; even within the industry, people have vague, incomplete knowledge. Stylists usually tend to focus on their own skills rather than the aid a chair would provide. So when a stylist sees a functional chair that’s 10 or more years old that seems to get the job done, they don’t really explore the market.

spa chair

One of the reasons behind it is that until recently, pedicure chairs weren’t easy to find. However, with the advent of the internet there’s loads of information available to everyone.

Ask Around
Your fellow spa owners and people in the industry might be your best resource regarding good quality pedicure chairs. You can ask around for their opinions and experiences with different models and companies. This would allow you to get information on the customer service of the company, the usability, and the durability. This information can only be garnered through personal experience with the product.

Materials and Function
It’s better to invest in full-service spa pedicure chairs than something that offers only limited functionality. Yes, the initial investment might be a little higher than expected, but the daily effort and time you put in would be greatly reduced. Manufactures like Lenox, Living Earth Crafts, Oakworks, etc, offer chairs that can make your professional life much easier.

You might also want to purchase a chair made from durable, high quality materials. Not only would they function well, but they’ll also add an upscale environment to your spa. Good materials would also feel sturdy and comfortable for your customers to sit on and relax in.

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