Eight Tips to Keep Your Pedicure Looking Fresh for Weeks

by James Adcock

A pedicure makes your feet look and feel their very best. With that in mind, how do you keep calluses off your heels and polish on your toes weeks after you’ve visited a spa? It’s not easy but it’s possible.

Here are some tips that keep pedicures looking fresh for weeks:

  1. Bring your own polish. It’s easier to do touch ups at home when you have your preferred color on hand. Make sure the bottle is brand new, however, as heat makes polish thick and hard to apply.
  2. Take your time leaving the beauty salon or spa. If possible, invest in a two services instead of one. It takes a long time for nail polish to harden completely so having a manicure done after your pedicure makes sense.
  3. Avoid heat while your nails dry. Avoid showers, hot tubs, and swimming pools until your lacquer has time to set. As much as you want to debut your new pedicure, wait and enjoy your painted toes longer.
  4. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone in the shower. Make sure to pay special attention to your soles and heels. They need the most TLC.
  5. A foot scraper works wonders in removing calluses. Have one on hand in case you need it. It removes thick skin with ease.
  6. Use an exfoliating moisturizer to keep feet feeling silky smooth. Look for products with salicylic acid. It’s good for removing the cracks that appear on your heels where dead skin gathers.
  7. Apply oil to your cuticles. Do this at least twice a day to maintain a healthy glow. It’s one area of the feet that many people neglect.
  8. Slip your feet into a pair of fuzzy socks before bed. Look for the kind that moisturize. You’ll be grateful for the extra help maintaining your pedicure.

Look great long after you’ve leapt off the pedicure chair and into a pair of flip flops. Follow the tips listed above and keep your toenails chip-free and sandal-ready this summer. A pedicure truly is a treat for your feet!

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