Easy Tips for a Great Pedicure

by James Adcock

Easy Tips for a Great Pedicure
Keep it simple! With all the emphasis on beautifully designed fingernails and one-of-a-kind paint jobs, keep the pedicure simple. A single color for all ten toes that compliments, but doesn’t match exactly, is the best option.
Keep in mind what you’ll be wearing the next few weeks. If July 4th is coming up and you know you’ll be wearing lots of red, don’t put fluorescent hot pink on your nails.
Metallic colors rule this year. In my favorite local shop, I found sparkly gold, silver & bronze polish. I tried the bronze on my toes and it was gorgeous and matched everything! The only down side is that it took a lot more nail polish remover to take it off than it does with regular colors, but it was completely worth it because of all the compliments I received.
You don’t have to buy specialty products to keep your feet moisturized and your pedicure looking fresh. Any oil will work. For best results, put oil or thick generic lotion on your feet at night and cover with socks. Your feet will look silky soft the next day. My podiatrist recommends Eucerin Original Healing Creme but the generic brand works just as well.
Cuticle oil, if used daily, also keeps your toes and fingers looking freshly polished. My favorite is Essie Apricot. I love that stuff!
Polka dots on top of your pedicure is a must-try at least once. It looks good on any age and is feminine, yet not too girly. EVERYONE can wear polka dots. Now go get your feet done!

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