A Spectacular Foot Massage for Great Relaxation

by James Adcock

A Pampering pedicure treatment includes a soothing and very relaxing foot massage; this is one of the steps on a pedicure procedure that people really loves. It uses essential oils and other materials that make the skin moisturized and give the muscles a very relaxing feeling. Foot massage eases the muscle tension on the foot and leg keeping it free from stress and allowing the blood to flow properly.

Foot massage can be avail from day spa or a salon, but you it can also be done at home. Here are simple steps that can guide you to get your own foot massage at home.

Foot Massage Procedure Steps:

  1. Prepare A Foot Bath – Get a bowl and fill it with warm water, then add some lime or any essential oil and stir it. This will serve as your foot bath where you can soak your feet and scrub the dead and dry skin off your feet.
  2. Apply Bath Up to the Legs – Make use of a towel and let absorb the mixture, then hold the towel on the knee level and let the mixture drip from the calf muscle until the sole of the feet. This will allow the leg to absorb the mixture and the nutrients it offers.
  3. Ankle Massage – Then slightly hold the feet and then gently rotate the ankles to a clockwise direction and then vice versa. This will allow the ankles to maximize its movement easing the tension it absorbs from standing and walking.
  4. Sole Massage – After having the ankle therapy, apply any type of lotion on the feet and then massage the sole by pushing your thumb on it. Do this slowly and gently. Continue doing this until the edges of the feet.
  5. Heel Massage – Then continue the sole massage until you get to the heel of the feet where you press your thumb harder and do it on a circular motion. To ease the tension.
  6. Leg and Calf – Then you can continue the massage on the calf muscles and legs to loosen the muscles and give it a relaxing and soothing feeling.

That is how you do a foot massage that would bring you a spectacular pampered feeling.

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