Gulfstream LA MARAVILLA Pedicure Chair

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Elegance! Glamour! Beauty! What else can you say about La Maravilla Pedicure Spa Chair from Gulfstream sits like a queen upon a curved laminate base available in Standard Dark Cherry, 3485 Black Walnut, 5887 Millenium Oak, 8908 Storm Teakwood, 9312 Planked Urban Oak, 5792 Inked Oak, Gloss White, or Gloss Black Add + $330.00 each Spa Chair. Accent the laminate side with black, gold, white or silver and you will have yourself a simply stunning chair base. 

La Maravilla Pedicure Chair is available in two chair type options - 9621 or upgraded 9660. Both chairs feature acetone resistant armrests that raise to permit client entry to the chair and foldable manicure trays. Both chairs utilize the superior Shiatsu massage system from Gulfstream that utilizes a S-Track roller system, which is in the shape of the human spine, so as the rollers move up and down the back of the user, the neck and lower back receive a stronger massage than the mid-back and tailbone. This makes for a more comfortable massage. Functions include compression, kneading, percussion and rolling. The chairs are comfortably padded, and each have a headrest which can be custom embroidered with your company logo. 


9621 - New 9621 Upholstery with built-in remote control in armrest, manicure massage chair with adjustable armrest.  Available colors are Chocolate, Burgundy, Curry, or Black .

9660 - A Technician Control for the seat is mounted in the front of the spa for easily moving the chair forward or backwards without disturbing the client. The massage remote control is conveniently built into the armrest. The other arm rest has a built-in cup holder. Available colors are Black, Curry, Grey, Burgundy, Pearl White or Chocolate.

The hand sprayer is located under the integrated, adjustable footrest, keeping the look trim and neat. Gulfstream’s own IDJet Whirlpool System and integrated LED bowl lighting is used to circulate the water massage. This system is easy to remove and clean with its magnetic locking system. Watch the video below for more information on how it works.

This pedicure spa chair will look absolutely stunning in your nail salon or spa. Order today for the best price.

  • Features IDJet Whirlpool (Magnet) Technology - easy to use and clean for the ultimate in sanitary foot spas
  • Full Shiatsu massage system with remote - includes rolling, compression, kneading, percussion
  • 9621 Chair Colors Available in Black, Curry, Burgundy, or Chocolate
  • 9660 Chair Colors Available in Black, Curry, Grey, Burgundy, Pearl White, or Chocolate
  • Base Laminate Colors Available in Standard Dark Cherry, 3485 Black Walnut, 5887 Millenium Oak, 8908 Storm Teakwood, 9312 Planked Urban Oak, 5792 Inked Oak, Gloss White, or Gloss Black Add + $330.00 each Spa Chair
  • Bowl Colors Available in Black, Rose, Clear, Gold, Blue, Wine, Rainbow, Green, or Rustic Gold Reflections
  • Matching Edge Color Options Available in Standard Black, Upgraded Gold Edge, Upgraded Gloss White Edge, or Upgraded Silver Edge Add + $395.00
  • Upgraded Gold Footrest Available + $195.00
  • Discharge Pump Available + $210.00
  • Backflow Preventer Available + $35.00
  • Upgraded Embroidery Available + $70.00
  • Gulfstream Air Ventilation System Available + $345.00
  • Acetone resistant armrests and flip-up manicure trays
  • Dual-USB and electrical outlet, purse hooks
  • Gorgeous glass water basin in nine color options with integrated footrest

Reclines: 25”. Minimum wall clearance: 20"

LEAD TIME: 14-21 days

Dimensions: 52.25"L x 31"W x 57.5"H


UL Certification; Boston, MA Approval; Los Angeles, CA Approval; IAPMO Certification - Certified To CSA Standards

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