Whale Spa Felicity Freeform Pedicure Chair

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The Felicity Freeform Pedicure Chair with Platform is all new from Whale Spa a custom built in house. It offers 4 beautiful upholstery color options in Black, Khaki, Chocolate, and Gray. It features a built in remote control in the armrest to adjust the recline for the chair back, slide from front to back for different sized people, and to adjust the range, function, and massage options for the shiatsu massage. The Crystal Glass Basin with Iridescent 'Mother of Pearl' finish surface is beautiful, durable, thermal shock resistant, and features LED Lighting and can use plastic liners with the standard Magna Jet Pipeless Jet Motor which comes standard. The footrest is adjustable and telescopic meaning it adjusts vertically, and the chair top features retractable purse hooks. All surfaces of this pedicure unit are treated for acetone resistance and of course offers a 2 year warranty.

Other options include:

USB plug: Client can quickly charge their phone or tablet while getting their manicure and pedicure.

Technician Seat Controller: Conveniently located at the front, the Power Seat Controller allows the pedicure technician to adjust the chair without disturbing the client.

Phone and iPad Holder: Accommodates a tablet, 9.7""iPad, Ipad Mini and cellular phones.

Air Vent System: Built into the pedicure chair base near the client's feet, the dual air vents connect to a salon's ventilation system in order to lessen dust and odor.

iFill Auto Fill: Fills the spa water basin with the press of a button to the appropriate level and will automatically shut off the water. The jet will begin, and the LED light will turn on. It works with disposable spa liners.

Discharge Pump: If your drain is underground, it is NOT required to have discharge pump, but if the drain goes into the wall or above ground, you WILL NEED to request the manufacture pre-install discharge pump.

  • Chair Color Options Available in Black, Khaki, Chocolate, Gray, Upgraded Genuine Leather or Enduro Leather
  • Gorgeous Glass Basin with LED Lighting
  • Beautiful LED Accent Lighting along sides
  • Diamond quilted acetone/stain-resistant and antimicrobial PU Leather
  • Premium, full-function, commercial grade Caresst Massage
  • Includes a purse hook, remote-control holder mood changing basin LEDs and matching technician stool
  • All surfaces are treated for acetone resistance
  • Options include a phone and iPad holder, air vent system, iFill auto fill, discharge pump, USB plug and technician seat controller

Made in the USA!

Two-year manufacturer warranty

LEAD TIME: 14-21 days

Dimensions:  Platform: 62" L x 35" W x 21" H. Necessary Wall Clearance: 16 inches


Water Fill Line Capacity: 4.5 U.S. gallons (17 Liters)
Seat upholstery: Leather or Enduro Leather
Seat and back motors: 24V DC Linear Actuators
Power source: 110V / 60HZ / 15Amp
Electrical switches: On/Off switch for pump. Single hand-held, low voltage remote controls for massage motors and seat forward/back position.
Hot and cold water supply lines required.

Compliances: Check valves comply with ANSI/ASME A112.18.3M, A112.18.1M, and CSA B125 ANSI/ASME A112.18.3M (Performance Requirements for Backflow Protection Devices and Systems in Plumbing Fixture Fittings) is applicable to plumbing fixture fittings with outlets not protected by an air gap. Check valves are listed to both standards with the Canadian Standards Association, IAPMO and UL. ANSI - American National Standards Institute ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CSA - Canadian Standards Association, IAPMO - International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, and UL - Underwriters Laboratory.

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