Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

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The blissful Dreamwave Massage Chair embraces and massages your entire body, from the neck down to your palms and fingertips and the soles of your feet, gently relieving your body of pent-up tension and stress from your day.

Designed for a wide range of ages as young as 14, this versatile chair offers a wide variety of classic massage styles and programs to serve many purposes like helping energize you in the morning, wind down at night, or keep your muscles limber with gentle stretching.

Features of Dreamwave Massage Chair:

  • Full body massage
  • 16 preset programs
  • Manual massage with options to control speed, intensity, and roller positions
  • 3D back mechanism
  • Automatic shiatsu point locator
  • Calming vibration massage
  • Full-body stretch
  • Full arm air massage
  • Foot and calf shiatsu massage
  • Heater in back and seat
  • Automatic recline
  • Youth program for age 14 and up
  • Remote control display panel and pocket for remote
  • Pocket for smart phone
  • 5 year warranty (3 years for parts & labor, additional 2 years for parts)
  • In-house service


16 Preset Programs and 6 Manual Massage Options

8 preset programs are available in two versions, Optimal and Deep Relaxation, for a total of 16 choices. These beneficial programs provide carefully designed massages to address a variety of needs.

  • Healthcare Programs
    • Full Body
    • Full Body Air
    • Youth
    • Quick
  • Well-Being Programs
    • Morning
    • Night
    • Stretch
    • DreamWave

Manual mode allows you to combine your favorite massage types and adjust features like speed, intensity, and roller positions.

Enjoy classic stimulating massages such as kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu that mimic the trained hands of a professional masseuse.

Also choose from relaxing air massage, stimulating rolling massage, and gentle vibration massage to help ease tension in the back.


Special Functions to Relieve Tension and De-Stress

1. Shugi/Shiatsu Pull-Kneading

Relieves tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

2. Full Arm Massage

The unit adjusts to your arm size, then 20 air bags work in sync to pleasurably knead your upper arm, forearm, and fingertips.

3. Full Body Stretch

Gently bends your body backward for light head-to-toe stretching

4. Swing

Mimics the actions of a professional masseuse by pushing against the pelvis in a gentle swaying motion that helps calm and relax you after a massage.


 Zero Gravity Recline

The Zero Gravity position is the perfect position to receive a massage, aligning and supporting your back in a position that maximizes the intensity of the massage and provides an optimal level of comfort.


 Soothing Heat Therapy

Heating pads located in the seat and back area provide a therapeutic heated massage to help relax sore muscles, ease spasms, and improve circulation.


Model number HCP-11001A HCP-11001D HCP-11001E
Power supply AC 120V AC 220-240V AC 110 V~
Power consumption 208 W
Power frequency 60 Hz 50-60 Hz 60 Hz
Rated time 30 minutes
Upper body Kneading speed 3 levels, from minimum approx. 9 times/minute to maximum approx. 32 times/minute
Tapping speed 3 levels, from minimum approx. 190 times/minute to maximum approx. 480 times/minute
Roller width 3 levels: narrow, medium, and wide
Up/down speed Minimum approx. 1.22 inches (3.1 cm)/sec, maximum approx. 1.65 inch (4.2 cm)/sec
Back stroke range Approx. 28 inches (72 cm); in partial rolling massage: approx. 6 inches (15 cm)
DreamWave operation speed Minimum approx. 11 times/minute, maximum approx. 24 times/minute
Preset programs Healthcare Programs: 4 types, Well-Being Programs: 4 types
Manual selection mode 15 types (Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator Function included in some programs)
Vibration massage function Back 2 levels (Min. Approx. 1975 times/minute, Max: Approx. 2925 times/minute)
Seat 1 step (Min. Approx. 1840 times/minute, Max: Approx. 4170 times/minute)
Air pressure 60 Hz: Approx. 38 kPa
Auto timer Approx. 15 minutes (Preset programs vary in duration)
Heater Outer cover temperature: 102°F (39°C) or less (at the ambient temperature of 77°F (25°C), Timer: Approx. 2 hours
Leg rest adjustment range Approx. 10 inches (25 cm)
Reclining angle Approx. 120°-165° from floor level continuous motion (Automatic reclining)
Dimensions Upright Approx. W 37 x L 55 x H 48 inches
Reclined Approx. W38 x L 83 x H 30 inches
Weight Total approx. 253 pounds; Chair: 165 pounds (75 kg), Arm rests combined: 48 pounds (22 kg), Leg rest: 40 pounds (18 kg)
Outer covering Synthetic leather
Accessories Power cord, T-shaped Wrench, Buffer Pad (thick), Buffer Pad (thin), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders (light-1 each, left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders (strong-1 each, left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Feet (1 each left and right)
Warranty 5 year warranty (3 years for parts & labor, additional 2 years for parts)